Consideration and respect important as we find new ways to move around the city

On Monday 15 June, many of us will take our tentative first steps into a ‘new normal’.

More children will hopefully be returning to the classroom, some shops will reopen their doors and there will be greater numbers returning to work.

But how we get to and from these places will be very different. Physical distancing will remain a part of our lives for some time and whether you walk, cycle, drive or ride; how we move around the city is having to change in order to make it Covid-19 secure.

Our travel habits have changed dramatically in the last few months. We have seen more people choosing accessible and sustainable travel methods while parts of Brighton & Hove have witnesses a 60% fall in motor vehicles on the roads.  

Brighton & Hove City Council is currently working on measures that will try to support these changes quickly while ensuring the health and safety of residents remains our number one priority. We also want to support our local businesses to reopen and help them to adapt to updated government guidance

We will be announcing what some of these innovative changes will be in the coming days, but what I can say now is that parts of the city will look different.

But we all have a part to play in keeping ourselves safe in a Covid-19 environment. While we are doing everything we can to make the city safer for its residents, we need the support of residents and visitors. 

I am urging everyone to be respectful to each other when moving around the city. 

If you’re walking, be mindful of people walking around you. Cyclists should slow down in shared spaces. I am asking drivers to watch your speed and take note of new road layouts. 

And for those on public transport, please read guidance from our local bus and train companies about the safest ways of travelling.

Only through this respectful and considered approach will we be successful in being able to move around our city safely.

Councillor Anne Pissaridou
Chair, Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee

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