Climate crisis conversations under the chandelier

Come along to Jubilee Library this month for a series of free facilitated lunch-time ‘Conversations Under the Chandelier’ about the climate crisis. 

The informal themed drop-ins are open to all and offer a chance to hear what other people are feeling, thinking and doing about the climate crisis, and share ideas.

The chandelier is the centrepiece of the ‘Shine a Light’ project. It was created from 4,200 bottle tops collected in the Jubilee Library and along the Brighton & Hove seafront. 

The project has been initiated by Irene Solar, a graphic designer and director of The Appreciation Society, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company based in Brighton & Hove. 

The chandelier is hanging in the library until the end of January. 

Me and the climate crisis – 1-2pm, Wednesday 8 January

The first conversation starts with ourselves. How can we face this crisis and do what is needed? How do we start to confront our fear and the potentially paralysing feeling of helplessness?

Joining the conversation will be Tamsin Bishton and Charlie Peverett, organisers of ‘Five Minutes on the Apocalypse’, and Jane Glezinska, an ecopsychologist who facilitates ‘Ten Steps Towards Personal Resilience and Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate.’ 

Our food and the climate crisis – 1-2pm, Wednesday 15 January

The second conversation looks at food. The way we farm, eat and shop now causes a huge amount of waste and uses a lot of natural resources. 

Joining will be Thomas Daniel from Old Tree Brewery and Helen Starr-Keddle from the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership. 

The conversation will look at how we can connect with what we eat, empower people to grow and cook more of their own food, and develop food systems for a healthy and fair future.

Things and the climate crisis – 1-2pm, Wednesday 22 January

This conversation looks at how to use fewer things and make sure the things we buy last longer. How can we challenge the existing system where things are designed not to last? And the existing culture of ‘needing’ to own more and more things? 

Joining will be Victoria Jackson and Sam Jarman from the Brighton Repair Café and Claire Potter, an expert in circular design. 

The discussion will cover everything from the circular economy, the sharing economy and zero waste living, to restart parties and our right to repair and enhance our electronic devices.

Perspectives and the climate crisis – 1-2pm, Wednesday 29 January

Imagination is the greatest resource we have in the face of the climate crisis. Yet our imaginations are constrained by our Western perspective. 

In the final ‘Conversation Under the Chandelier’, we’ll be discussing how we might begin to change that.

Joining will be artist and producer Persephone Pearl from the ONCA GALLERY and Peruvian documentary filmmaker, Ernesto Cabellos who has directed award-winning films that chronicle over 15 years of conflict between communities and mining companies in Peru.

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