Cleaning of BTN BikeShare bikes being increased

The cleaning of BTN BikeShare bikes in Brighton & Hove is being significantly increased to help minimise any possible spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

Following advice from the city’s public health team and having been trialled over the Easter weekend, a team will be working on the scheme’s five busiest days of the week to support the regular cleaning, disinfecting, tidying and lubricating of the scheme’s 600 bikes at all 69 hubs in the city.  This is in addition to the existing cleaning and maintenance.

The team is made up of cycle trainers and staff from NSL.

Priority will be given to the busiest hubs and at least three temporary hubs set up to support NHS workers using BTN BikeShare during the pandemic.  Teams will pay particular attention to the bikes’ contact points, including the handlebars and grips, saddle, keypad and u-bar lock.

Customers are also being encouraged to wear appropriate gloves if they wish to, avoid touching their faces or eyes while riding, and to wash their hands thoroughly before and after use.  Riders should practice social distancing from pedestrians and others on shared routes and cycle lanes.

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