Business grants from 2 December

Thousands of businesses are entitled to a business grant payment to help them pay for business cost during lockdown and tier restriction. You only need to apply to the council once to get the grants you are entitled to.

Following the lockdown period that began on 5 November, from 2 December an additional  scheme, Local Restriction Support Grant (open) will be available for some businesses, mainly operating in hospitality, accommodation and leisure.

Some other businesses that are severely impacted by the tier restrictions, such as pubs and bars that don’t serve food, will continue to receive support under the existing schemes.

We will be adding more information about the new grant and other changes the government has made to the grant schemes on our application guide in the next few days.

Apply for a lockdown grant

Many businesses are entitled to a grant payment for the lockdown period that has just ended. If your business has re-opened, it will not affect your application for a lockdown grant.

The government has confirmed that although the lockdown period was 27 days businesses will receive a full four week payment.

We are processing the 2,600 applications we have received so far but are aware that many businesses who are entitled to support have not claimed yet. 

If you haven’t applied for a grant, make sure you don’t miss out and apply now.

If you are one of the 5,000 businesses we have written to, please follow the instructions on the invitation letter as this will speed up your claim.

You only have to apply once and we will work out which grants you should get.

How to apply

You can apply if your business has had to close or is open but has been affected by the restrictions; don’t be put off by the names of the grants that may suggest otherwise.

There are grants available, whether you pay business rates or not.

Please read the guide for applicants so you provide the right information for us to work out the right grant for you.

Once you have read the guide you will be directed to the form. It’s best to be prepared because you will need to have documents available to complete the online form.

Charities, social enterprises and community centres may also be entitled to a grant.

The important thing is to apply and we will sort out the rest.

More information on business grant payments is on the business and employers page of our website.

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