Brighton & Hove remains at Tier 1 this week - but Covid-19 cases increasing among all ages

In common with many areas in the South East, cases of Covid-19 are increasing in Brighton & Hove.  
The city remains in Tier 1 at Medium Alert, but the city is at risk of moving to Tier 2 if this rate of increase continues. 
In the seven days up to 23 October, there were 441 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the city which is a 60% increase on the previous week - equivalent to 151.6 cases per 100,000
Most confirmed cases continue to be aged 15-24 years old, 18-22 year olds account for 44% of cases. This includes all young people, not just students. In comparison with comparative university cities, Brighton & Hove is among those with the lowest rate of cases overall.
We are however seeing a worrying rise in cases among older working adults. Cases tripled among adults aged 40-59 years old in the seven days up to 22 October and there was a 27% increase among people aged 60+. 
Following a meeting of the Local Outbreak Engagement Board and partners, Councillor Sue Shanks, chair of the city’s Health & Wellbeing Board said:

"It's sensible for Brighton & Hove to start to plan for a move to Tier 2 (High Alert level) and think about what that would mean to all aspects of life. 
“The decision to escalate to Tier 2 would be made by central government following consultation with the council and our Local Outbreak Engagement Board, which is made up of councillors, city leaders and public health colleagues. 

“We do believe that we are very close to the thresholds whereby other regions have started to have those discussions with government which sees them then escalate to Tier 2.  
“Covid is in our city and rates are growing. Covid kills people and we all need to do all we can to stop it and protect our most vulnerable communities.

"These include people who are already unwell, are elderly and the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities in the city. Please follow the guidelines and don’t take risks.”
Alistair Hill, Director of Public Health for the city said: “We must all continue to do everything they can to stop the spread of Covid. 
“Please think Hands-Face-Space. Limit how many people you see in a day, maintain social distancing and keep to the rule of six.
“Wear a face-covering if there’s a risk you can’t maintain two metres distance in busy places like streets, queues and bus stops - not just when required to do so.
“At the first sign of symptoms please self-isolate and get tested to prevent the virus spreading.”