19 March 2019 Transport and roads

Transport Plan will focus on sustainable travel and getting the basics right

The Environment, Transport and Sustainability (ETS) committee has approved a report setting out the Local Transport Plan (LTP) capital budget for the next financial year and recommends that it is agreed by Policy, Resources and Growth Committee on 21 March.  

The budget allocation

The LTP proposed programme budget allocation for 2019/20 is £6.798 million of capital investment which has been allocated by the government and is focused on maintaining and renewing the road network to a high standard and improving safety. It also includes proposals to increase journey choices by providing for and encouraging the use of sustainable transport; and creating a more attractive public realm. 

The amount of funding is based on government estimates of how much investment is required in the city. This is also supplemented by other council funding and other sources such as the Local Growth Fund, which is received from the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership.  

The use of capital funding for approved and new transport schemes and projects for 2019/20 was agreed at full council on 28 February 2019 as part of the overall budget. The one year delivery plan outlined in the committee report explains how the council plans to develop, manage and deliver transport over the next year.

Getting the basics right

The proposed programme allocates funding across a number of areas including maintenance and repairs, asset management and integrated transport projects and programmes. It includes commitments to schemes that are already approved and ongoing programmes of works, as well as new projects which will deliver long-term benefits to the city and its residents. 

Major projects

Schemes include those within the city centre, such as Valley Gardens and the seafront, including rebuilding and regenerating the historic Victorian ‘arches’, structures which support the promenade and A259. This continues the essential work that began in 2015 to save the seafront road from collapse and reconstruct the former West Street Shelter Hall.

Investing in sustainable travel 

The funding in 2019/20 has been increased by £1 million for investment in citywide improvements to supplement planned LTP investment in 2019/20. Alongside the development of the Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), this investment will contribute to better cycling infrastructure within the city’s cycle network and in turn, will support the commitments made by the council to address the effects of climate change. 

Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee, Councillor Gill Mitchell said: “This Local Transport Plan delivery programme includes significant investment in sustainable travel initiatives and major city centre developments which will enhance the public realm.  

“As well as supporting ongoing sustainable transport projects, an extra £1 million funding is being made available for investment that will significantly improve the city’s walking and cycling infrastructure. Providing for and encouraging the use of sustainable transport will help reduce congestion in the city centre and improve air quality, as well as giving residents more choice about how they travel around the city.

“This one year delivery plan also ensures we get the basics right, like fixing road surfaces and maintaining, managing and improving the city’s transport and highway infrastructure; all of which helps support and provide access to the many activities that are important to the city’s residents and local communities.”