2 September 2019

Tents and vehicles on Hove Lawns

Vehicles on Hove Lawns

Joint statement Brighton & Hove City Council and Sussex Police:

“The council and the police have been working together to take action following a group of approximately 50 vehicles trespassing on Hove Lawn at the weekend. The police are now moving the travellers and vehicles using powers under S61 of the Police and Criminal Justice Act.

“Vehicle owners were spoken to by representatives from the police and the council on Sunday morning, soon after the group arrived. The council informed the owners they were trespassing on council land and asked for the vehicles to be moved. Today the police and council have visited again to carry out welfare checks on the occupants of the vehicles, as is required by Home Office guidance before enforcement action can be taken. Those checks have been complete. The police will use their powers to move the vehicles from Hove Lawns today.

“We understand there are concerns in the local community but there is a process which has to be followed by law.”

Tents on Hove Lawns

Statement Brighton & Hove City Council:

“In a separate move, the council was in court this morning to seek the right to move tents from Hove Lawns. The Judge approved eviction action. The court ordered that the tent occupants must move by Thursday or eviction will take place.

“Prior to this action, outreach workers have offered support and advice to people staying on Hove Lawns to look at better accommodation options, either in or outside the city. Outreach workers are not involved with enforcement action and continue to be available to provide help to those willing to engage.

“Enforcement notices were issued to the tent occupants in recent weeks stating they were not allowed to camp in the area but the tents have remained on the lawns. As a result the council started court proceedings, which has resulted in today’s ruling.”