Shelter Hall Rotunda café available to rent

Two new business premises are available in Shelter Hall, and the closing date to submit a proposal for the Shelter Hall Rotunda café is Monday 1 July.

This week, contractors have been putting in the windows and doors for the building which is expected to be complete at the end of the year. The new glazing shows the spectacular views from the Rotunda of both piers that await new tenants and their customers.

A landmark destination

A total of 1,291 square feet (120 square metres) is available in the Rotunda Cafe, which sits at street level, providing an opportunity for smaller food and beverage operators.

Located in a prominent position on Brighton seafront, between the Palace Pier and i360, Shelter Hall will be a landmark destination for the 11 million tourists that visit the city.  

The new Shelter Hall is larger than the previous building, with two internal floors, a rotunda on top and a roof terrace. The building will also incorporate new public toilets.

Part of our seafront investment programme

The multi million pound project is part of the council’s Seafront Investment Programme and is being funded from government grants including a £9 million investment award from the Department for Transport’s Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund, borrowing and council money.

Councillor Anne Pissaridou, chair of the environment, transport & sustainability committee, said: “The new Shelter Hall will provide a stunning new destination for the city’s residents and visitors and is a key part of the city’s seafront regeneration. The project has also involved strengthening the road above, restoring seafront arches and providing a new walkway on the lower promenade.”

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