Rough sleeper services announced

A range of services for people who are rough sleeping were announced at full council this evening (25 July). The meeting heard that Labour and Green colleagues will be working in partnership to deliver more help to those in need on our streets. 

Measures include

  • An assessment service is set to open by the winter to provide help for people with a connection to the city who are rough sleeping or at risk of rough sleeping. The service will work closely with the wide range of statutory services, community organisations and voluntary sector organisations available locally. 

  • A night shelter is also planned to open by the winter. A potential venue has been found and work is underway to make sure the service opens as soon as possible. 

  • The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol, also known as SWEP, aims to prevent loss of life in extraordinary weather conditions. The SWEP will include a more flexible approach to ensure that rough sleepers are offered shelter in extreme and cold weather and heavy rain. 

Dignity and respect

Cllr Nicole Brennan, deputy chair of housing committee, explained: “I am very concerned with the plight of the homeless in this country and city as a result of the housing crisis that has been caused by lack of government investment in housing and services.

"Underfunded and overburdened services in health and social care add to the desperate situation many people find themselves in.

“I’m also concerned about rough sleepers who for different reasons do not access or feel comfortable using the services available. They are still human beings who need to be treated with dignity and respect.

"One of my aims is to develop services to meet their needs by listening to what they have to say.”