21 March 2019 Transport and roads

Ride to Work Week

We're working with our partners at Love to Ride to promote Ride to Work Week to encourage people across the city to cycle to work. 

Health benefits 

Cycling has many benefits and people who ride to work are shown to be happier, healthier, wealthier and more productive. Getting more staff cycling to work can benefit employers too, reducing illness and sick leave; with cycle commuters taking half the sick leave of their non-cycling colleagues. Those who ride to work regularly also report improved mental health.

Saving money 

As well as the health benefits, those who cycle to work don’t need to worry about the cost of commuting. The average UK worker spends £146 per month, or £135,000 over their working life, travelling to and from work. Commuting by bike can save employees money on travel and parking.

Improving air quality

Getting more people in the city cycling also helps the local environment by reducing congestion and improving air quality. Congestion and pollution contribute to 40,000 premature deaths annually in the UK and road transport is the main source of emissions in Brighton & Hove.

Cycle schemes

Many of the city’s employers, including Brighton & Hove City Council, offer a Cycle to Work Scheme which enables employees to borrow up to £3,000, tax and National Insurance free, to buy a bike. 

The BTN BikeShare scheme, which began in September 2017, has over 500 bikes available for hire from hubs across the city. The pay as you go bike rental costs just 3p per minute, allowing residents and visitors to travel around the city cheaply and sustainably. 

The council also runs subsidised training and maintenance courses to help residents get back on their bike and feel confident and safer when cycling around the city.

Investing in the city's cycling infrastructure 

Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, Councillor Gill Mitchell, said: “Cycling is increasingly becoming a more popular way of getting from A to B. Our investment in the city’s cycling infrastructure has made it easier for people to do so and we will continue to look at ways to develop this. 

“The Transport Plan programme for the year ahead includes investment which will contribute to the development of the city’s cycle network. This includes better surfaces, joined up and marked routes and improvements to the safety and quality of junction crossings for cyclists. 

“There is a thriving cycling community in the city and we are delighted to have been able to expand the Bike Share scheme this year with 120 new bikes and more hubs installed in the west of the city. 

“Numerous studies have proven that cycling makes people happier and healthier, while also enhancing the environment by reducing congestion and air pollution. I hope many residents are inspired to get back on their bike this week and cycle for fun, health and for commuting.”

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