Return your postal vote in time

The deadline to register to vote or to apply for a postal vote for the general election has now passed.

Anyone who applied for a postal vote ahead of the deadline will receive their postal voting pack over the next week. Please make sure your postal vote gets back to us by 12 December.

Look out for your postal vote

If you applied for a postal vote before 6 November your ballot paper was sent out on Monday 25 November. Any applications received after 6 November will be sent out on Tuesday 3 December. 

Return your postal vote to Hove Town Hall

Postal votes must get back to us by 10pm on Thursday 12 December.

You can return your completed postal voting pack:

  • in the post
  • in person at Hove Town Hall
  • to a member of staff at a polling station within your constituency

If you are sending your vote back in the post please think about how long it will take. 

How to complete your postal vote

Completing your postal vote is quick and easy. Follow the instructions included, making sure to check the number on your ballot paper matches the one on your voting statement.

Apply for a proxy vote by 4 December

If you aren't able to cast your vote in person, you can have someone you trust cast your vote at your polling station for you. 

If you’re already registered and do not have a postal or proxy vote in place, then you can still apply to vote by proxy. If you have a postal or proxy vote in place it is now past the deadline to make changes.

To apply for a proxy vote, you must complete a form and return it to the Electoral Services team by 5pm on Wednesday 4 December.

Find out more

For more information about who is eligible to vote, who your candidates are, and what to do on polling day, please go to the elections pages on our website.

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