14 March 2019 Transport and roads

Residents’ parking schemes update

Over the last few months we’ve been talking to residents and businesses in the Elm Grove, Hanover and St Luke’s areas about how their parking schemes are working and whether they would like to change the hours and / or days of operation.
Councillor Gill Mitchell, chair of the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee, said: “This consultation and review gave residents the opportunity to tell us about whether they were satisfied with the schemes and any issues, and whether they would like more or reduced enforced hours and/or days.
“As a result we are putting forward some changes which will be decided at the next committee on 19 March.”

The Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee is at Hove Town Hall from 4pm and is open to the public. Read the Parking Schemes Update Report (agenda item number 78).

St Luke’s area (Zone U)

We consulted residents to find out if they wished to change the operating hours of their parking scheme.
The St Luke’s Area residents’ parking scheme currently operates between 10-11am and 2-3pm seven days a week. Because it is only enforceable for a couple of hours a day it is known as a ‘light touch’ scheme.
Just over 70% of those who responded supported joining the neighbouring Queens Park zone (Zone C) which currently operates 9am to 8pm seven days a week.
Councillors will decide whether to change Zone U into Zone C on 19 March. If agreed, the change would come into effect on 1 June 2019. 

Hanover & Elm Grove (Zone S & V)

At the end of last year we carried out a review of the two parking zones in the Hanover & Elm Grove area which have been operating for more than a year.
Following the committee, we’ll be writing to residents to update them on the outcome of the review.

Zone S

The Zone S ‘light touch’ scheme operates Monday to Friday 11am-midday and 6-7pm. A quarter of residents in the area responded to the consultation, with just over 60% in support of keeping the scheme hours as they are.
Some residents in a small number of streets known as the ‘top triangle’ supported further consultation to find out whether they would like to join the Zone V scheme.

The top triangle area includes:

  • Arnold Street
  • Baxter Street
  • Carlyle Street
  • Cromwell Street
  • Lynton Street
  • Part of Queens Park Road


Some residents commented about speeding on one-way streets, and there will be an opportunity to outline these issues in more detail if detailed consultation is given the go ahead.
Another problem raised was about pavement parking on Elm Grove. Along with other councils we are lobbying the government for pavement parking powers similar to those in London.

Freshfield Street and Queen’s Park Rise

If the decision is to join the St Luke’s parking scheme (Zone U, see above) with the Queen’s Park area (Zone C), Freshfield Street and Queens Park Rise, currently in the ‘light touch’ Zone S will be surrounded by roads with parking enforcement 9am to 8pm. 
The proposal is to ask residents in these two roads whether they too wish to join the Queen Park Scheme (Zone C) or remain in Zone S.

Zone V

The Zone V residents’ parking scheme operates seven days a week from 9am to 8pm.
Most of those who responded to the consultation (80%) supported keeping the hours as they are and 70% said they were satisfied with the scheme.