Reducing carbon emissions and building resilience to climate change

Update (12 April): This story (originally published 28 March) has been updated to include the commitment given to carbon reduction by the environment, transport and sustainability committee in March.

Following this committee, the council agreed to establish a Sustainability and Carbon Reduction Investment Fund. Councillors will review progress on this at the Policy, Resources & Growth Committee in July.

The council is working to reduce carbon emissions in a number of ways, including:

Sustainability and Carbon Reduction Investment Fund

The fund will support the development and delivery of citywide initiatives which aim to reduce carbon emissions, build resilience against the effects of climate change and protect and enhance biodiversity. New revenue funding will be spent on developing the capacity of the Sustainability Team to deliver a pipeline of citywide projects and initiatives.

Areas for investment 

Resources will be directed in areas such as: 

  • energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • biodiversity enhancement
  • sustainable travel 
  • green Infrastructure and Sustainable Urban Drainage 
  • moving towards a Circular Economy 
  • healthy, sustainable and fair food for all

Reducing carbon emissions 

Progress has been made in recent years to reduce carbon emissions and the per capita CO2 emissions for the city published in 2018 show a significant reduction of 40.6% from the 2005 base rate. If this rate of progress is maintained, the city’s 42% reduction target for 2020 and the 80% target for 2050 will be exceeded.

Ongoing projects

The council has also been developing key work streams around climate mitigation by implementing new renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. These include increasing the amount of solar PV on corporate buildings, the rolling out of electric vehicle charging points and exploring new ways to harness solar power on our housing stock.

A sustainable economy

Sustainability is one of the five themes which underpin the new economic strategy to 2024 and which are vital to delivering economic growth, creating prosperity and providing a greater quality of life for all. The strategy promotes a focus on a circular and sustainable economy, pushing business and community engagement in achieving city resilience and climate change.

Monitoring progress

A further report outlining the process for agreeing and assessing projects that are delivered through the Sustainability and Carbon Reduction Investment Fund will be brought to the Policy, Resources & Growth Committee meeting on 11 July 2019.