7 February 2019 Transport and roads

Public feedback helps shape redesign of Old Steine to Palace Pier area

Revisions have been made to the design option for the scheme to take into account the feedback submitted by residents and stakeholders during the latest public consultation.

An initial scoping consultation in Summer 2018 gathered the views of local residents, businesses and users as to how the area is used, what issues there are in travelling around the  current area and priorities for improvements. 

The second stage of public consultation ran for six weeks from 15 October to 25 November 2018 providing residents and stakeholders the opportunity to have their say on the proposed design option for the area. 

There were 828 responses to the consultation which overall were favourable and indicated clear support for the majority of the proposals included in the design. Feedback provided was taken into account and considered in relation to the projects core design objectives. 

The revised proposals include:

  • The creation of a dedicated southbound priority lane for buses, taxis and coaches
  • Improved junction alignments to provide direct, convenient connections and more space for pedestrians and cyclists on the seafront promenade
  • Improved north-south connections for cyclists and the realignment  of the new north-south cycle lane
  • Footpaths to create more direct links with North Street, The Lanes, St James’s Street and the Seafront across the Steine Gardens 
  • More parking bays for blue badge holders, doctors parking bays and loading bays  

Officers will now proceed to the detailed design stage, with further public consultation due to take place as plans develop. 

Chair of the Committee, Councillor Gill Mitchell, said: “There has been extensive public information and consultation to date on the Valley Gardens Phase 3 project. We have taken on board the feedback provided and this has been used to develop the option further.  

“This is a significant opportunity to revitalise the Old Steine to Palace Pier area by improving the transport and public realm infrastructure. The aim is to make cycling, walking and public transport more attractive and viable options of transport, as well as improving the landscape to create an attractive, sustainable and safe green space. 

“Making the area safer for all transport users is a key objective; the existing area has the highest number of collisions in the city and conditions for cycling are particularly dangerous on the seafront. The area is also one of the main arrival points into the city and the redesign will enhance the quality of the environment to reflect the city’s status as a key visitor destination. 

“We are very pleased to have been successful in our bid for £6 million of funding for the scheme from the Local Enterprise Partnership. Officers will now be able to proceed to the detailed design stage and work towards delivering the scheme by 2021.”