Proposals for Budget Council 2019/20

Top facts

  • Councillors will soon meet to decide funding for more than 700 council services and the council tax rate for the year ahead
  • Budget proposals include an increase of council tax of 2.99%
  • All current councillors can debate and vote on the budget proposals on Thursday 28 February

Budget decision time

The council’s biggest annual financial decision will be made later this month. 

Councillors will meet at Hove Town Hall to decide the council budget for the financial year starting on 1 April. 

The council budget funds more than 700 services for people living and working in Brighton & Hove. It currently costs just under £2.1 million every day to run our services.

The budget proposals for the year ahead continue to look at ways to invest in the city amid wide ranging reductions in government funding. The impact of reducing government grants on local councils has been widely reported across the country.

Cllr Dan Yates, leader of the council, said: “We knew when we took over responsibility for the council that there were tough times ahead. Over the last four years we’ve taken the difficult decisions required to make sure we have protected services for the most vulnerable in the city.

“These proposals reflect a clear grasp of the financial situation combined with a determination to reinvest in key services. It’s an ongoing challenge to meet increasing demand for services as costs rise and funding falls.”

Background to the budget 2019/20

  • The budget proposals for 2019/20 are the final stage in our four year budget plan. 
  • Total savings of around £69 million will have been delivered over the four year period to provide the necessary re-investment in services alongside taxation increases.
  • Budget Proposals for 2019/20 include:
  • The proposals include recommendations to invest in priority services, including adult social care, children’s social care and other services to combat inequality.
  • Children’s Social Care: A total of £54million 
  • Adult Social Care including Learning Disability Services: A total of £92.6million
  • Field Officer Service, providing help across the city: A total of £312,000
  • Homelessness and rough sleeping services: For the year ahead £10.6million is proposed for these services. This includes £250,000 for an all year round night shelter for rough sleepers and £250,000 to expand options to support people in emergency and temporary accommodation. 

Funding our services

Council tax

In common with many local authorities, the budget proposals for 2019/20 require an increase of council tax contributions to the council of 2.99%, largely in light of the increasing demand for social care and reducing grants. 

This would mean the average Band D Council Tax contribution to the council would rise by £46.38 to £1,595.45 in 2019/20.

The full amount for the average Band D Council tax for 2019/20 will be £1,879.03 (a rise of £73.05 from the year before). This includes £189.91 for the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner and £ 93.67 for the East Sussex Fire Authority.

Find out more

The full budget proposals can be read on our website

The budget will be debated by all councillors on Thursday 28 February at Hove Town Hall. At the meeting, opposition councillors present and debate any amendments to the proposals they choose to submit.

Find out more information about our budget, including a timeline for the budget setting process, at