Plan ahead for a general election

A general election is set to take place in the UK on Thursday 12 December 2019.

The deadlines for this are tight and all eligible residents will need to be registered by Tuesday 26 November to be able to vote in this election.

At a general election you have one vote to choose a candidate to represent your constituency in the House of Commons.

There are three MPs with constituencies in Brighton & Hove:

  • Brighton Kemptown (extends into Lewes District and includes Peacehaven)
  • Brighton Pavilion
  • Hove

Who can vote?

To vote in a general election you must be:

  • registered to vote by Tuesday 26 November
  • 18 or over on the day of the election
  • a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen
  • resident at an address in the UK (or a British citizen living abroad who has been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years)

You will not need photo ID to vote in this election. You will only be required to provide your name and address as usual.

Register to vote by 26 November

If you are not already registered to vote, you need register by Tuesday 26 November at  

It only takes a few minutes to do and you will need your National Insurance number which can be found on your payslip or letters about benefits or tax. 

A form was sent to residents in July showing the electoral information we have for your household. If the information on that was correct, or you followed the steps to change the details, you will be registered. 

If you are not sure, contact the electoral services team to find out.

Plan ahead if you won't be able to get to your polling station

If you know that you will be unable to get to your polling station on 12 December, you will need to apply for a postal or proxy vote in advance. 

  • Apply for a postal vote by Tuesday 26 November
  • Apply for a proxy vote by Wednesday 4 December

Key deadlines

  • Tuesday 26 November: Last day to register to vote
  • Tuesday 26 November (5pm): Last day for us to receive your postal vote application
  • Wednesday 4 December (5pm): Last day for us to receive your proxy vote application
  • Thursday 12 December: Election day

For more information please go to the elections pages on our website.

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