22 January 2019

Our proposals to improve air quality in Rottingdean

Rottingdean has been the subject of an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) since 2013, as levels of nitrogen dioxide have exceeded the statutory limit set by the government. Road transport is the main source of the emissions.

The proposals being presented to committee seek to address air quality issues in the section of the High Street south of Park Street where there is close proximity of residential frontages to the kerb. In this area, nitrogen dioxide is in excess of EU and UK regulation and therefore presents the greatest hazard to health for residents.

Our proposals

Rottingdean Parish Council and Brighton & Hove City Council formed a joint action group in response to serious public concerns about this issue. The project group, including ward and parish councillors, commissioned traffic modelling to consider various options and are now proposing to trial an experimental traffic order on a temporary basis. The trial will consist of three physical measures: 

  • A temporary chicane outside 80-82 High Street (north of Park Street/south of the existing zebra crossing) with a give way to the north giving priority to northbound traffic
  • A no stopping (yellow hatched) box on the southbound lane from southern building line of Dene’s mews (66 High Street) to the southern boundary of 29 High Street (approximately 12 metres)  
  • A ban on right turns out of West Street

Benefits of our proposals

The chicane is intended to encourage a free flow in the narrowest bit of the High Street where the air quality is worst. The yellow hatched box on the southbound lane is intended to prevent vehicles from waiting in the same area. The ban on right turns out of West Street is intended to prevent vehicles blocking the northbound lane. Additional air quality monitoring technology will be installed to establish the success of the scheme in improving air quality in the area.

Working with residents and businesses during the trial

The trial will be in place for up to 18 months and will be subject to monitoring for the first 12 months. We invite residents and businesses to share their views and objections during the first six months of the trial and these will be reported back to committee. 

Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, Councillor Gill Mitchell said: “It is vitally important that we address the air quality in Rottingdean. The main source of emissions in the area comes from road transport and the measures we are proposing in this trial seek to reduce emissions by preventing idling and encouraging free flowing traffic. We have been working closely with residents, businesses and stakeholders to develop these proposals and we welcome feedback from anyone who lives or works in Rottingdean once the trial begins.”