10 April 2019 Transport and roads

New parking charges 2019

We are freezing most of the parking charges in the city.

From this week there will be changes to some parking charges to help manage high-demand times and areas, reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Improving air quality is a priority for the city. Nationally, poor air quality is responsible for approximately 50,000 premature deaths every year.

Together with other measures such as the low emissions zone, parking charges help manage traffic away from busy areas, ease congestion that also affects journey times and encourage higher turnover of spaces which supports business.

Tariff changes

There will be a small increase of between 10p and 50p for two, four and 11 hour rates in some on-street zones and car parks. Only one increase is higher – with the 9 hour band at London Road car park set to go to £9 (from £8).

A new quarterly season ticket will be introduced for London Road car park to make it easier for regular customers. A quarterly season is already available for Rottingdean Marine Cliffs, High Street and Regency Square.

Resident, visitor, business, trader or hotel permits will not change, nor will those for schools, doctors, professional carers.

Residents can get a 50% discount on a resident permit if they have a low emission vehicle or electric vehicle.

Transport strategy

Setting the right level of parking charges is an important part of the city's transport strategy and helps manage limited parking space, address congestion, lower emissions and improve air quality.

We invest any surplus that comes out of these charges back into improving transport for all in the city, from subsidised bus services and road maintenance to bus passes for older people and tackling misuse of disabled parking spaces.

Councillors agreed the fees and charges for 2019-20 at the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee on 22 January. The parking charges details are in Appendix 2 of agenda item 56.

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