Music and memories at Brooke Mead housing scheme

Brooke Mead Extra Care scheme in Albion Street, Brighton opened last year and is now a thriving community. 

Residents live independently in 45 self-contained council flats, with carers on site 24 hours if needed. The scheme is designed for people living with low to moderate dementia, and other people who need a little more care and support.

A busy programme of activities including art, music, dance, Pilates, films, and coffee mornings, provides lots of opportunities for socialising and keeping active. All the activities are open to non-residents as well.

Sing and Play

‘Sing and Play’ sessions, organised by community music service Open Strings Music, are one popular activity. Organisers say joining in with familiar songs can help to trigger memories for those taking part.

Scheme manager, Rupert Hensser, said: “We have many people here with dementia or memory issues and we’ve seen a marked difference from when they have moved in to now, when they’ve taken part in activities.
“People really get involved, they like to keep going and trying something they haven’t done before. We’ve found their communication with others, and their mobility, has changed very much for the better.”
Emma Welsh, Co-director of Open Strings Music, said: “We find that residents sometimes remember music from their past and that might generate conversations about the meaning of music for them. As the session progresses, they open up and start to look more relaxed and happier, which is lovely to see.”

New Homes for Neighbourhoods 

Brooke Mead is part of our New Homes for Neighbourhoods which has seen 173 new council homes built across the city since 2015.

Try something new!

Keeping active, getting involved, and meeting other people has lots of benefits for health and wellbeing.

Most of our seniors housing schemes have activities open to the local community, from art groups to exercise classes.

For more details about activities at Brooke Mead call 01273 295946.

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Open Strings Music

‘Sing and Play’ sessions at Brooke Mead are run by Open Strings Music on behalf of the NHS Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group.