Museum display highlights extinct and endangered wildlife

Young people are sharing their messages about extinction and the environment through an animated film display at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

The ‘Remix the Museum’ youth programme display used collections from the Brighton and Booth museums to explore the impact of humans on the environment and how it affects wildlife.

They worked with Remix the Museum animator Dave Packer to create short animations that have been linked together in a powerful film telling the stories of the animals and insects affected.

Bears, leopards and turtles

One story follows the plight of the cave bear which became extinct because of human hunting and highlights how the sloth bear is in danger of becoming extinct today.

Other topics include poaching of leopards, the effect of plastic pollution on turtles and how global warming is reducing habitats for polar bears. 

Making a positive impact

Museum Futures trainee Tasha Brown said: “It was very encouraging to see young people engaging with the Royal Pavilion & Museums collections and use them to spread awareness of such important issues.

"I really enjoyed discussing how we could all make small lifestyle changes to make a positive impact on the environment.”

The film shows it is not too late to do something about endangered wildlife by showing how the Adonis blue butterfly numbers have increased recently due to conservation efforts to save chalk grassland.

One environmentally-conscious young person decided to create an animation of the lifestyle changes they would make to help the environment such as picking up litter, using eco-friendly methods of transport and spending more time at the park.

Visit the display

The display runs until 19 January 2020 on the South Balcony of Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

A lot of attention to detail went into creating the animations; keep an eye out for the opening jaw of a rhino skull and the moving arms of a sun bear!