More than 200 affordable homes approved in Coldean

Hundreds of low cost homes will be built for local people following the granting of planning permission for 242 homes on land to the east of Coldean Lane.

The proposal was put forward by Homes for Brighton & Hove - a partnership between the council and the Hyde Group to build 1,000 new low cost homes for the city.

Half of the units will be available at a discounted market rent affordable for people earning the national living wage and half for shared ownership for residents on lower incomes to buy. 

There will be a mix of units from one bedroom up to three in six and seven storey buildings to make the best use of the sloping 3.3 hectare site. There will also be some wheelchair accessible homes on the ground floor. 

Councillor Tracey Hill, chair of Brighton & Hove’s planning committee, said: “This imaginative scheme will make an important contribution to helping us meet urgent local housing needs for those least able to afford a home. It will provide a mix of housing for residents on low incomes in the city.

“The proposal also seeks to provide more trees and chalk grassland than is currently on the site, offer long-term wildlife management and incorporate large areas of natural habitat within the development.”

The area is outside the built up boundary of the city and makes up one of a small number of ‘urban fringe’ sites identified in our local City Plan as having the potential for housing development. As the site is undeveloped green space the council’s policy is to make sure these sites maintain and improve natural habitats as well as providing good quality, affordable housing for local people.

An ancient woodland will remain untouched by the development and 0.94 hectares of woodland will receive ongoing management as part of the plans which will improve the health of the trees and help conserve the woodland. Fewer trees will be felled than originally planned and they will be replaced with a greater number of new trees.

To improve chalk grassland, 1.6 hectares will be planted with native species – more than will be lost from the development (0.97 hectares).

In addition a landscape and ecological management plan provides for the long-term management of habitats, species and other biodiversity features. 

The proposal also offers half a million pounds for parks and gardens, play and indoor sports facilities and more than £200,000 for secondary and sixth form education provision to be spent in the local area.

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