Madeira Terrace Restoration update

We’re exploring the best location to start restoration of the first three arches to showcase the project. These will be funded by the successful crowdfunding campaign.

We are continuing to assess the condition of the western-most arches. The thinking behind the proposal to restore these first is: 

  • They would offer easy access for all
  • Need less ‘propping’ and ‘dismantling’ (to prevent the rest of the Terrace from collapsing and separate the unstable parts from those being restored) as these arches are at one end
  • Being close to the Palace Pier and bus/coach drop-off points with high visitor footfall would help make the most of the showcased arches
  • Community input is a key part of the restoration and the council meeting on 28 March will respond to a petition asking for the work to start work further to the east of the Terrace, by Concorde 2.

Our project team is looking at this option in more detail, including how it will impact on costs and the original objectives of the crowd funding.

Councillor Alan Robins, chair of the Tourism, Development & Culture Committee, said: “We share the community’s aim of making sure we get the final decision on location right. We are committed to working with all the Terrace’s supporters to reach our shared goal of restoring the whole of Madeira Terrace.”

Next steps

We are looking forward to submitting a renewed funding bid to the National Heritage Lottery Fund (NHLF) in May. We recently received more information about how the future bidding process will work and how we can fit in with NHLF priorities which are:

  • Landscapes and nature
  • Community heritage

Brighton & Hove has the potential to make an excellent case study both for community heritage and improving the biodiversity of the seafront.

New site office

The project has a new site office on Madeira Drive opposite the western end of Madeira Terrace.

It is providing a base for community activities, a site office and space for events’ organisers which will generate revenue for the project. Brighton half marathon organisers Sussex Beacon were the first customers.

Learning more about the structure 

Final year Building Surveying students from the University of Brighton are using Madeira Terrace as a case study for their work, which includes creating a basic design for a ‘pod’ that could be used for a variety of commercial and leisure activities.

A full annual ‘special inspection’ of the whole Terrace, commissioned by our property and design team, took place at the end of February.

Madeira Terrace Restoration Fund

Special edition Brighton mugs and re-usable hot drink mugs designed by Martha Mitchell featuring Madeira Terrace at £12 are still available at the following outlets:

  • The Brighton Centre
  • The Royal Pavilion gift shop
  • Brighton Museum gift shop

Profits from the sale of these items will go to the Madeira Terrace Restoration fund. Make a donation to the Madeira Terrace Restoration Fund.

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