10 June 2019

Lifeguard’s bravery leads to successful sea rescue

A Brighton & Hove lifeguard swam through rough waves and high winds to help rescue a 13 year old boy on Saturday.

Ryan Pook powered through breaking waves to reach the casualty at Black Rock and, despite the treacherous conditions, was able to support and secure the boy in a rescue tube, reassure him and hold him clear of breaking waves.

Sea conditions were described as ‘unpredictable’ and the area where the rescue took place, 40 metres west of the Marina, is known as the ‘washing machine’ as waves are thrown back from the walls of the Marina. Although the incident was only 30 metres away from the shore, conditions were too dangerous to try and re-enter the beach and both were picked up by the RNLI lifeboat.

While out at sea Ryan was guided by seafront operations manager Chris Ingall. Chris said: “I cannot emphasise enough just what an amazing rescue this was. Having been involved at the scene, it is difficult to express just what unfolded to save this young lad’s life.

“Without Ryan’s  bravery and skill, together with the experience and judgement of the RNLI boat crew, this could well have ended in tragedy.”

Seafront officer David Wheeler, who is also a member of the RNLI, was alerted to the incident just before 5pm and Ryan was able to enter the sea five minutes later having been taken to the scene by quad bike. 

Councillor Alan Robins, lead member for the seafront, said “Ryan showed great courage, risking his life to save another person.  Our seafront team are an essential part of our council services and much valued for the job they do keeping people safe.”

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