Laying the groundwork for Valley Garden's green spaces

The green spaces in the Valley Gardens area will be fenced off while works are carried out.

This includes preparation for new ducting to be installed and to support the installation of new lighting columns along new pathways. 

Laying the groundwork

The gardens will then be turned fallow in order to restore the soils nutrient value to sustain the growth for the new planting. Following this, decompaction will take place to help break up the soil, which will improve water flow, aeration, nutrient accessibility and root growth.

Once the soil has been prepared, the profiling for the newly designed footpaths will begin and new planting will then start.

Re-locating plants in city parks 

Plants that were situated in the gardens have been taken by the CityParks team to be used in other areas of the city.

The local voluntary garden group also took a small number of plants to be used in their community garden. 

More trees, shrubs and grasses 

No trees will be removed from the area as a result of the project works, however, an independent tree survey identified a number of trees that could sensibly be removed or relocated during the course of the project. These are generally trees that are planted in locations that inhibit their ability to reach their full potential or are diseased or dying.

In total, 152 new trees and a diversity of trees, shrubs and grasses will be planted and landscaping of the area improved as part of the overall scheme.  All works are being overseen by archaeologists and arborist consultants.