King Alfred development update - June 2019

At the council’s Policy, Resources and Growth (PRG) Committee meeting in January 2019, the committee agreed to give Crest Nicholson a deadline of 30 March 2019 to enter into a development agreement.

Crest Nicholson previously made clear that it needed confirmation there will be an orderly exit from the EU prior to signing the agreement, or confirmation that the UK will remain as part of the EU.

We are taking into account the uncertainties around Brexit and are continuing to work with Crest on the Development Agreement. Because the March deadline was not met, the decision to enter into the agreement would need to be taken again by councillors at a future committee meeting.

The council is committed to delivering a new leisure centre and pool complex for the city and are exploring all options on how best to move forward. As agreed by the PRG Committee in January, this includes considering alternative delivery options and these would have to be put forward and approved by the committee.