16 August 2019 Transport and roads

Flood prevention measures for Brighton homes

From this autumn we’ll be installing flood doors, bricks or gates in homes in Carden Avenue, Dale Drive and Warmdene Road to reduce their risk of flooding.

We’ve secured £240,000 for the work, which follows a similar scheme in Hove and Portslade last year.

Residents living in properties that could be at risk of surface-water flooding will be offered flood doors, gates or automatic air brick covers that automatically shut out water when heavy rain threatens to cause flooding to properties.

Practical support

Councillor Anne Pissaridou, chair of the city’s environment, transport and sustainability committee, said: “As extreme weather events become more common we have been actively exploring ways to offer protection for people’s homes that are most at risk from surface-water flooding. These incidents can happen very suddenly and we’re pleased to be able to offer practical support for residents as well as be committed to taking action on a wider scale to reduce the impact of climate change.”

Since 2000 residents in Carden Avenue, Warmdene Road and Dale Drive have experienced repeated instances of flooding as a result of heavy rainfall. During the summers of 2014 and 2015 heavy rainfall caused more than 100 properties throughout the  city to flood as sewers and drains were unable to cope.

How the scheme works

We’re currently arranging for surveys in vulnerable properties that have flooded internally to find out what would work best in each home. The scheme is completely voluntary and will be completed in consultation with the residents. 

What we are doing

Other measures we have developed to combat surface-water flooding:

Protecting your property

Find out more about how to protect your property from flooding

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