Fed up with graffiti and tagging? Help us rub it out for good

We’ve launched a public consultation on our proposals to tackle the scourge of graffiti and tagging in the city.

We’re inviting everyone – including residents, businesses, landlords, businesses, Local Action Teams, community groups, council teams and other stakeholders across Brighton & Hove – to tell us what they think are the best ways to wipe out graffiti for good.

At present the council is only responsible for removing graffiti and tagging from its own buildings and other equipment it owns like bins, lamp posts and playpark equipment.

We’re not responsible for removing anything on private property or land, including graffiti on company buildings or belongings, unless it’s offensive.

Give us your views

Councillor Anne Pissaridou, chair of the council’s Environment, Transport & Sustainability committee, is urging people to complete the consultation.

She also pledged and acknowledged that as part of the war on graffiti the council needs to clean up its own buildings and equipment. 

Councillor Pissaridou said: “We’re hoping as many people as possible respond to this important consultation as we want everyone’s view on what they believe is the best way forward."

Who should remove graffiti from private buildings?

“Some of the consultation is quite controversial as we’re asking people if they think businesses, private homeowners and landlords should remove graffiti from their buildings or pay the council to do so.

“But with the vast majority of graffiti and tagging on private property that we’re not responsible for, we need people’s views on tackling this growing and unsightly problem.”

She added: “As a council we know we had got a lot of work to get our own house in order, and I make a commitment that we’ll do that.”

How big a problem is graffiti and tagging 

The consultation is open until 15 December and takes around 10 minutes to complete. It contains 11 questions including:

  • how big a problem tagging and graffiti is for the city
  • whether companies like BT, Virgin Media and gas and electric providers, should clear graffiti from their own equipment like electricity/junction boxes
  • whether Network Rail should remove graffiti and tagging from property it owns like bridges, hoardings etc
  • what views people have on private homeowners and landlords removing graffiti from their properties
  • should the council set up its own graffiti removal service that can charge companies and homeowners for removing graffiti

'Graffiti blights our city' 

Councillor Pissaridou added: “We’re determined to stop graffiti and tagging in the city, so agreeing a majority way forward is extremely important. Graffiti is a terrible blight on our city and it must be erased for good.”

The feedback will be considered and a final approach presented to a future meeting of the council’s Environment, Transport & Sustainability committee.

Go to our 'what to do about graffiti' page for more information about graffiti and tagging, including our Graffiti Reduction Strategy.