Exchanging Places - see the road from another point of view

The Exchanging Places event offers a chance to find out exactly what bus drivers can and can’t see as they drive through the city centre; and demonstrates how wearing high-visibility gear can make a big difference to cyclists. The event is designed to encourage mutual respect on the city’s roads.

Keeping a safe distance

A ‘Safe Pass’ mat will be used to illustrate the minimum distance at which cyclists should be passed – 1.5m – and is designed to encourage motorists to give more space when overtaking pedal cyclists.

Virtual reality goggles will be available to illustrate how it feels for cyclists when vehicles pass them too closely – as well as showing the blind spots of large vehicles.

Blind spots

Members of the public will have the chance to climb into the bus driver’s seat to experience blind spots and get a view from the bus cab as a cyclist rides past. Cyclists will be able to get high-visibility gear and advice on how to be seen by drivers while blind spot mirrors will be handed out to car drivers.

Event details

The event is run by Brighton & Hove City Council’s road safety team with partners from East Sussex Fire and Rescue and Brighton & Hove Bus Company. It will be held at the Old Steine from 10am to 2pm on Tuesday 28 May. 

The event is part of the council’s ‘Share the Roads, Share the Responsibility’ campaign which aims to reduce the risk of collisions on the city’s roads by raising awareness among different transport users and encouraging people to share the road space.