Council leader statement on the Labour Party Conference

Speaking today as the national Labour Party Conference is due to start in Brighton & Hove, Leader of the Council Nancy Platts assures the Jewish community that antisemitism has no place in Brighton & Hove or in the Labour Party. Nancy says:

“The Jewish community have my full support. Antisemitism, like all hate crime, has no place in our city or society.

“I encouraged the Jewish community to contact me about events in or around the Labour Party Conference where they felt they would not be welcome.

"Where people raised concerns, I have brought this to the attention of organisers and have asked them to consider whether those events are inclusive and appropriate.

"In July, the Labour Party launched an educational webpage about antisemitism to help drive it out. 

“I asked the national Labour Party to circulate this information again to members, delegates and fringe organisers with a request that they read it ahead of attending conference in Brighton.  

“I hope that they will all take time to do so and stand with me in solidarity with our Jewish community.”