Council to consider original bidding process for third sector funding

Cllr Kate Knight, Committee Chair for the council’s Neighbourhoods, Inclusion, Communities & Equalities (NICE) committee has today written an open letter to the city’s Community and Voluntary Sector (CSV) sharing with them that the committee will consider the original bidding timetable and process for the Third Sector Commissioning Prospectus.

The open letter reads:

“Since I last wrote to you on 19 June when I explained that I wanted to briefly pause the Third Sector Commissioning Prospectus process, I have further listened to the Community and Voluntary Sector (CSV); and spoken with other Neighbourhoods, Inclusion, Communities & Equalities (NICE) committee members.

“I now feel a pause on the commission is not the best way forward and at the special meeting of the NICE Committee taking place on 16 July; the committee will be asked to consider the original proposal and timetable.

“As a new councillor and Chair of the committee, my initial feeling was that it was important to take time to familiarise myself with the work of the community and voluntary sector (CVS). I also wanted to ensure that the commission process was as transparent as possible and, really importantly, I had wanted to understand it from the view point of grassroots organisations and groups.

“I have since been able to listen to different perspectives about the process and the work undertaken in collaboration with the sector on the Commission and it has become clear that not everyone shares my view that a short pause would have been desirable.

“I’m also aware that some degree of anxiety and uncertainty has been created about the Commission, despite assurances about our commitment to our partners and to funding.  

“This was never our intention.  

“We are committed to being an administration that listens and that works in partnership with those that also want the best for the city, and it is with these principles in mind that we are bringing the original report back to the NICE committee for consideration.”

The special meeting of the NICE committee takes place at 5pm on Tuesday 16 July at Hove Town Hall.