Confused about the elections?

Polls will be open twice in May for you to vote in Brighton & Hove.

First in the local elections on Thursday, and then three weeks later for the European Parliamentary elections.

  • Thursday 2 May - Brighton & Hove City Council elections
  • Thursday 23 May - European Parliamentary elections

Local elections on 2 May

On Thursday 2 May you will be voting to elect the candidates you want to represent your ward as part of Brighton & Hove City Council.

Polls will be open from 7am until 10pm. You must go to your allocated polling station. This is stated on your poll card, or you can check online using your postcode.

Postal votes

If you have received a postal voting pack, you must make sure it gets back to us by 2 May. You can return it in the post, drop it in to Hove Town Hall, or hand the completed envelope in at a polling station on Thursday 2 May.

European Parliament elections on 23 May

European Parliamentary elections are due to take place in the UK on Thursday 23 May 2019. In Brighton & Hove, you will be voting for the 10 MEPs who will represent the South East region at European Parliament.

To vote in these elections you must be:

  • registered by Tuesday 7 May
  • aged 18 or over 
  • a British, qualifying Commonwealth, or European Union citizen (EU citizens need to complete a form by 7 May stating they are choosing to vote in the UK) 
  • either resident in Brighton & Hove or a UK citizen formerly registered in Brighton & Hove but living abroad 

If you are not already registered to vote, there's still time to register online at GOV.UK

If you won't be able to get to your polling station on 23 May you can:

  • apply for a postal vote by Wednesday 8 May
  • apply for a proxy vote by Wednesday 15 May

Find out more

For more detailed information about the local or European Parliamentary elections go to the elections pages on our website.

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