Changes to political groups at the council

Update (25 February): This news story has been updated to include Councillor Warren Morgan leaving the Labour Group

On 20 February, Councillor Anne Meadows announced that she was leaving the Labour Group and joining the Conservative Group. This changes the balance of seats held on the council. 

On 22 February, Councillor Warren Morgan announced that he was leaving the Labour Group. He has since joined with Councillor Michael Inkpin-Leissner to form The Independent Group at Brighton & Hove City Council.

Distribution of councillors

(as of 22 February 2019)

Party Number of councillors
Conservative Group 21
Labour & Cooperative Group 19
Green Group 11
Independent Group 2
Vacant 1
Total 54


The current political leadership arrangements continue for now. Under our constitution, any change in leadership can only take effect following a decision at a meeting of the Full Council when all currently elected councillors agree who forms the administration and who is voted to be Leader of the Council. Councillors decide whether and at which meeting the business is discussed.

Subject to the will of councillors, the day to day operation of services to the public will remain unchanged in the short term. Council officers will continue to use their delegated powers to ensure a consistent service.