Brighton Centre - not opening for Pride 2019 as drop-in space

During Pride 2018 a decision was made to open the Brighton Centre as an emergency refuge following overcrowding at Brighton Station.

We've been made aware of inaccurate messages being shared online saying the Brighton Centre will be a drop-in space this year on the night of Saturday 3 August 2019 for people to sleep or rest if they haven’t got accommodation or cannot get home.

This is not the case. The only time the Brighton Centre, or any public building in the city, would be opened as a refuge would be in response to an emergency situation.

Safe Space Brighton helps those who are distressed, intoxicated, injured, lost from friends or unable to get home and need support.

Safe Space operates out of St Paul's Church, West Street, and is open on Friday and Saturday nights.

Safe Space will be operating during Pride. So if you need assistance please head there.  

We want everyone to have a safe and happy Pride. But please make sure you have made arrangements for accommodation in the city or have a way to travel home at the end of the event. 

You should only go to the Brighton Centre if you are directed to do so by a member of event security or Sussex Police.

Anyone who comes to the Brighton Centre without specific instruction to do so will be turned away.