Animal welfare at a recent event

Cllr Nancy Platts, leader of the council, said: “I am horrified to hear about a camel being used as an attraction at the Land Beyond Festival in the city. There was no mention of this on the event plan submitted to the council by the event organisers and if the organisers think this is an acceptable way to behave, then they can forget about coming back to Brighton & Hove.

“I understand the animal warden team was made aware of the festival’s plans at very short notice when alerted by another local authority. Every effort was made to check the animal’s welfare, this was understandably the animal warden team’s priority.  

“As landlords of the park where the event took place, we have the right to refuse permission. This is what should have been done, even at the late stage we became aware of the plans.

"I will personally ensure procedures are tightened to prevent a similar situation happening in the future.”