Winter night shelter - a personal view

A winter night shelter has been running at the Brighton Centre since December 2017 to look after some of the most vulnerable people in our city.

The shelter provides places for up to 30 people who are rough sleeping in the city and places have been allocated from referrals by outreach workers from St Mungo’s and BHT (Brighton Housing Trust). These outreach workers also offer support to those staying at the shelter, linking them to services and sources of support across Brighton & Hove. 

The funding for the night shelter was agreed at 2017's Budget Council. Councillors from three parties on the council worked together to find a suitable venue and open the shelter during the winter months. 

Councillor Clare Moonan, Labour & Cooperative councillor and lead councillor for rough sleeping, Councillor  Robert Nemeth, Conservative, and Councillor David Gibson, Green, continue to meet regularly to organise plans for the shelter. 

Paul is one former rough sleeper who stayed at the shelter and has now moved on. This is his story.