Tech-Takeback really is on The Level

Residents, students and children are being encouraged to drop off their old and unused computers, laptops and mobile phones at the latest Tech-Takeback pop-up event.

From Friday 28 September to Monday 1 October people can take their old tech to The Level between 10am and 6pm where it will be given a new lease of life or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

The pop-up is the third Tech-Takeback (TTB) event to be held in the city by the council and its partners EraseMyData, Freegle and SOENECS.

An amazing 4.2 tonnes of tech was donated by residents during TTB 1 & 2 which were held in the past year, including cables, hard drives, USB sticks, computers, mobile phones and laptops.

The organisers are now hoping ‘TTB3 - Decluttering for the New Academic Year’ will see families and teachers encourage children, students and others to understand the environmental and community benefits of dropping off their old tech at The Level’s MacLaren Room, on Rose Walk. 

With electronic waste, or E-waste, being the fastest growing rubbish stream in the world, the services Tech-Takeback offers to extend the life of tech or to arrange responsible recycling is a fantastic way of helping the planet.

Donors will also benefit from having their data safely and securely erased from any equipment by computer data experts EraseMyData.

The tech will then be available from free online reuse network Freegle, given to charities to distribute, sold to people less able to afford new tech or, if the equipment is beyond repair, it will be dismantled for material recycling.

So far a number of local charities have benefited from receiving tech for reuse, repair and upcycling, including the Sussex Homeless Support Charity, the Green Centre, The National Tech4Good Awards, The Bevy Community Pub, Artists at Bloomtown Festival, Brighton Pride HQ and Screwed Sculptures.

More information and a map can be found on the Tech-takeback website