Supporting Trans Pride 2018

On behalf of the city of Brighton & Hove, we at the city council extend our warmest welcome to all trans and non-binary people who are visiting our city to attend Trans Pride events this week, as delegates or speakers at the Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex Conference or taking part in the sixth annual Trans Pride march and festival this Saturday.  

Brighton & Hove is a beacon city for trans, non-binary, gender queer and LGB communities; people come here because we are known as a safe and inclusive city with a thriving diverse and intersectional community. The council and our partners in the public sector work closely with our super-diverse communities throughout the year to ensure we can be as inclusive, engaging and responsive as possible. 

We have strong cross party political support for our commitment to equality and ensuring our residents and visitors are treated with dignity and respect. As you enjoy the Trans Pride events you will see the trans flag flying from our town halls, staff from across the public sector attending events and our cisgender staff standing alongside trans and non-binary people as allies. 

The council will have stalls at Brunswick Square for the Trans Pride Festival, so come along and say hello to some of our staff teams, see the various ways we work with diverse trans and non-binary communities and our intersectional agenda across the city, learn about working for us with the council's LGBT Workers Forum; or just grab some stylish summer seaside selfies on the Safer Communities stall. 

Whatever you do, and however you choose to mark or celebrate the sixth Trans Pride this week, we will all be working hard as allies to ensure everyone has a safe, enjoyable and memorable time. 

We wish all trans and non-binary communities - visitors, city residents, delegates to conference and tourists to our city - a very happy Trans Pride week.