10 August 2018

Statement about Madeira Terrace renovation

Cllr Daniel Yates, leader of the council, said: "The renovation of Madeira Terrace is being driven by the clear mandate from the successful crowdfunding campaign and ongoing engagement with both Historic England and the Victorian Society. 

"We believe in protecting and preserving this historic site in our city. The aim is to retain the Terraces in full and create a new destination for the seafront with a range of new independent businesses located within the arches. 

"Plans are underway for the renovation of the three crowd funded arches with work due to begin by the end of the year. Our priority in the next two weeks is to submit a second bid for funding to the Heritage Lottery Fund, following positive feedback on our previous bid.   

"Contrary to reports in local media, we have not issued any call for proposals and we have explained our position with regards to the site to those expressing interest, including Boxpark. While we welcome ideas from developers to help shape the future of the seafront, we will continue to be directed by the vision shared by so many in the city to see the Terraces restored to their former glory. 

"If at any time in the future we need to engage external developers, we will do so through an open transparent process and offer all parties an opportunity to bid. At present we have no intention of altering the plans we have been carefully researching with specialists and residents. 

"We continue to be grateful for the support and interest from so many in the city for this important project."

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