8 August 2018

Slow down to save lives

Brighton & Hove City Council is supporting the European-wide speed enforcement week which takes place from 6 to 12 August. 

The week long campaign is run by Traffic Information Systems for the Police (TISPOL), an organisation which was established by the traffic police forces of Europe in order to improve road safety and law enforcement on the roads of Europe.

Sussex Police, along with other police forces across Europe, will be taking part in the week-long campaign to crack down on dangerous drivers. Brighton & Hove City Council is supporting the campaign alongside the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP).

The aims of the campaign are:

  • To target irresponsible and dangerous drivers committing excess speed offences
  • To inform drivers of the risks - both to themselves and to other road users associated with speeding
  • To encourage drivers to obey speed limits and drive at speeds safe for the road environment

Driving too fast causes 77,000 injuries and around 1,000 deaths in the UK each year.  Most accidents involving pedestrians, particularly children, happen in roads in 30mph areas. The council is committed to reducing speeds around the city through education, engineering or enforcement. 

The council are working in partnership with the SSRP and aim to reduce the numbers of people killed and seriously injured at fixed camera sites by 40% over the next three years. Speed Indicator Devices (SID) are in operation around the city, to remind drivers to keep within the speed limit.  

Find out more about road safety and driving in the city.