3 December 2018

New weekend out-of-hours noise service

This story is now out of date. Go to our webpage for up to date information on how to report a noise problem.

This coming weekend sees the introduction of a new weekend out-of-hours noise nuisance service for the city.

From Friday 7 December, residents will be able to report noise complaints throughout the entire weekend, and we will get back to them the following morning with the offer of a visit that day. 

Residents will now be able to call 01273 293541 or email outofhoursnoise@brighton-hove.gov.uk from 5pm on a Friday through to 9am on Monday morning.

The weekend service will now be delivered by our new Field Officer team.

To report a noise complaint or for advice between Monday and Friday, contact our Environmental Protection Team through our online Environmental Health report form or call 01273 294266.

Changing the weekend noise nuisance service

Alongside a decline in the number of complaints to the Friday and Saturday night noise patrol over the last few years, there have been serious concerns raised about both the effectiveness of the service and safety of the staff. 

Stopping the noise safely and without risk on the night is becoming an increasing challenge, and has proved rarely successful.

The offer of visits from the Field Officer team the next day, including Saturdays and Sundays, allows face-to-face dialogue immediately following an incident in an environment where the impact of a disturbance can be properly discussed and, hopefully, stopped from escalating.

The Field Officer team works between 12 noon and 8pm seven days a week. This allows them to visit residents at home to discuss complaints and deal with cases quickly.

We will be reviewing the role regularly to make sure that the service is working the best way possible to meeting the needs of residents and communities.