National fostering award for Nia

A young woman whose parents are foster carers for Brighton & Hove City Council has herself been recognised with a national award for her outstanding commitment to foster care.

Nia Clark, 19, received the Outstanding Contribution by Sons and Daughters award at the annual Fostering Excellence Awards. These are organised by The Fostering Network, the UK’s leading fostering charity.

The Network’s chief executive, Kevin Williams, said: “Nia's patience, non-judgmental attitude and willingness to always learn more about her foster siblings are qualities we truly admire.

"She is a great example of how fostering can have a positive impact on biological children within families, as well as those fostered in families."

Nia said: “Fostering has made me empathetic to different backgrounds and the varying issues that those in care may have.

“These experiences have also enabled me to be more accepting overall.

“It’s such a rewarding experience – watching my foster siblings thrive, develop, and be successful, and try new things without anxiety.”

The council is looking to recruit more foster carers. If you’d like to find out more about fostering please:

  • call the Brighton & Hove City Council fostering team on 01273 295444, or
  • visit