15 August 2018

Looking out for each other

The summer holiday season is in full swing, the sun continues to shine, and, as the city welcomes thousands of visitors, a new campaign is being launched to help keep pedestrians and cyclists safe.

The “Share the space, drop your pace” campaign aims to raise awareness, particularly in areas of the city where cyclists and pedestrians share the same space, encouraging everyone to be more aware of what’s around them.



Brighton & Hove City Council, environment councillor Gill Mitchell explained: “Walking and cycling are both great ways get around the city. 

“However, during the summer, when the city gets busier, the chances of collision and risk of injury to pedestrians and cyclists increases. As a result, we’re asking everyone to be more aware of what’s around them and encouraging cyclist to use their bells.”

On Friday, August 17th, from 8am to midday,  staff from the council’s Road Safety Team will be handing out travel information and fitting bike bells for cyclists.  Sussex Police officers will also be advising cyclists to keep to the cycle tracks at all times.

Road safety officer Keith Baldock added: “In many areas of the city, pedestrians and cyclists share the same space and in others, segregated cycle tracks run alongside a footway, allowing cyclists to travel away from roads. 

“Fortunately, collisions are rare, but vulnerable pedestrians with hidden disabilities can be scared by cyclists riding fast near to them.  Similarly cyclists have been hurt by dogs on leads and walkers wandering onto the cycle track.

“We want to remind everyone that early marked, cycle tracks are intended for cyclists only. Where pedestrian crossings are on the road, there are often breaks in the cycle track, with give way markings, to allow pedestrians to cross the cycle track. 

“Being considerate to others makes life much more friendly for everyone.” 

For more information visit Facebook: Share the Roads, Brighton and Hove.