19 June 2018

Exciting tennis proposal served up!

Tennis players have served up an exciting proposal which could see them taking over the management of the courts at Hove Park.

The players, all members of local tennis clubs, are in the process of setting up an Alliance with a view to taking responsibility for the seven courts. 

The Hove Park Tennis Alliance, includes representatives from long standing tennis clubs – Hove Park Tennis Club, Welbeck Tennis Club and Top Cats Tennis Club.

The proposal has been drawn up following extensive consultation with representatives from tennis clubs, coaches and the Lawn Tennis Association.

If agreed, the Alliance would take over the running of the courts along with responsibility for upkeep and maintenance. The council would continue to own the courts and has agreed to carry out some improvements to the court surfaces and fencing, during the coming year.

Existing club members would become members of the new Alliance, while pay and play visitors would still be welcome.

Members of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee are being asked to accept the tennis club proposal (in principle) at a meeting on June 26.

If agreed, the proposal will be publically advertised and any objections considered.