12 December 2018

Christmas and new year recycling & rubbish collection dates 2018/19

Your collection days are changing over Christmas, so please put your rubbish and recycling out on:  

Usual day Collected on… 
Monday 24 December Monday 24 December
Tuesday 25 December Thursday 27 December 
Wednesday 26 December Friday 28 December 
Thursday 27 December Saturday 29 December
Friday 28 December Monday 31 December
Monday 31 December Wednesday 2 January 
Tuesday 1 January Thursday 3 January
Wednesday 2 January Friday 4 January
Thursday 3 January Saturday 5 January
Friday 4 January Monday 7 January
Monday 7 January Tuesday 8 January
Tuesday 8 January Wednesday 9 January
Wednesday 9 January Thursday 10 January
Thursday 10 January  Friday 11 January
Friday 11 January Saturday 12 January

Download the Christmas recycling and rubbish collection dates (PDF 62KB)

If we miss you, please leave your recycling and rubbish out and we'll pick it up as soon as we can.

There are no garden waste collections between Monday 24 December and Friday 4 January. Collections start again on usual days from Monday 7 January.

Collections return to your usual days from Monday 14 January 2019.

Check your collection days for 2019

Recycle this Christmas! 

Christmas trees 

Christmas tree recycling sites across the city will be open between Thursday 27 December and Friday 11 January.

Find your nearest Christmas tree recycling site

Food and drink 

Plastic bottles can go straight in your recycling box or bin, washed and squashed. Rinsed drink cans and food tins can also go in your recycling, along with egg boxes, cardboard sleeves for food packaging and all tin biscuit boxes. 

Please keep all glass bottles and jars in a separate recycling box or bag so glass doesn’t contaminate the other materials

Wrapping paper, cards and cardboard 

Please only recycle wrapping paper - foil or paper and cards covered in glitter can’t be recycled. Flatten any cardboard boxes and paper bags to make space in your recycling bins and boxes. 

Household waste recycling centres

You can also take your recycling to a community recycling point or one of the city’s two household recycling centres. The opening times over Christmas and New Year are:

  • Christmas Eve - open until 1pm
  • Christmas Day and Boxing Day - closed
  • Thursday 27 December to Sunday 30 December - open normal hours
  • New Years’ Eve - open until 1pm
  • New Year's Day - closed
  • Wednesday 2 January - reopening as normal

Thank you for recycling!

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