9 January 2017

Statement: Council did not move on any homeless people on 1 January or destroy their possessions

Recent reports that the council moved on homeless people and destroyed their possessions on 1 January are incorrect, no homeless people were asked to move on this day. We are investigating the source of the reports.

The council and partner agencies give notice if we ever need to move on homeless people living in tents. It is not legal to pitch a tent in the city, except in approved campsites. If the council does remove someone’s possessions they are stored for 28 days. A note is left saying where the items were taken and providing information on how they can be claimed.

We have a multi-agency approach to helping rough sleepers and people living in tents. Working with our partners including local charities we look at what support individuals need. There are cases when people are asked to stop camping around the city and this is handled working with partners and outreach workers to make sure people are given advice on where to go. Living rough or in tents can be a dangerous experience, especially at this time of year, and the council works hard to look after people in need on the streets.

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