12 May 2017

Save lives - slow down

Children from St Bernadette’s School in Brighton have designed a series of road signs encouraging drivers to slow down and stick to 20mph limits.

The temporary signs will be placed in Surrenden Road which the children cross regularly to visit a swimming pool. The speed limit along the road is 20mph but this is often exceeded by drivers, leaving the children scared when they cross with their teachers.

The initiative marks Road Safety Week (8 to 15 May),  a worldwide initiative, supported by the UN and WHO which  recognises speeding  as a threat to health.

To highlight the reason for 20mph speed limits, the Year 3 children illustrated the stopping distance needed for a car at 20mph, 30mph and 40mph alongside Surrenden Road, as well as designing 20mph temporary awareness signs.

Jan Carballo, class teacher, said:  “Our students are learning to use the roads – we need drivers to be aware of them and be able to stop in time.  20mph limits in the city are there for a reason.”

Acting Sergeant Philip Badman said: “Speed is a significant contributor to collisions – even in our city with its relatively low speeds.

“As well as the severity of collision, speed can determine if a collision will happen at all.  The braking system has to be activated by the driver – this takes thinking time.”

20mph limits were introduced to make the city’s roads safer and Surrenden Road was part of the second phase rolled out in the city. 

Cllr Gill Mitchell, chair of Brighton & Hove City Council’s environment, transport and sustainability committee,  said:  “I’d like to congratulate the children from St Bernadette’s  who are not just encouraging drivers to slow down, but also raising awareness of the reasons behind 20mph limits - to enable drivers to react and brake in a significantly shorter space.”

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