8 February 2017

Ponies welcomed to 19 acres

Following the grazing project’s successful use of sheep to help restore the ancient flower rich grasslands around Brighton & Hove, CityParks is now introducing ponies.

Like the sheep, the breed of pony being used has been carefully selected for its ability to survive in all weathers and get by, and even thrive, on low quality forage. Ponies favour different plants from the sheep and will help create more variety which will benefit even more species of wildlife

Seven New Forest Ponies will be arriving on 19 Acres (the field that runs along the west of Devil’s Dyke Road just to the east of the bypass) on Monday 6 February.

As with the sheep, the animal’s daily welfare will be checked by specially trained volunteers. If you would like to help by volunteering please complete the application form on the council’s website.

Please note these are working ponies, if they become over friendly they may have to be removed so please don’t feed or pet them.

Gill Mitchell, Chair of the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee, said: “I am sure the ponies will be a welcome sight on the downs and will play a useful role in helping conserve our natural heritage.”