5 October 2017

Our customer promise to you

For national Customer Service Week, we’re announcing our customer promise to put you at the heart of what we do.

Our services with the highest amount of customer service requests, such as council tax, housing, and Cityclean, worked together and asked residents what mattered to them most. We now expect all services to keep this promise to you:

  1. We will make it clear how you can contact or access our services.
  2. We will be clear and treat you with respect
  3. We will understand and get things done

Practical improvements are underway, as new apps are developed for the council website, to make it easier for you to request services such as street cleaning, and new customer service standards are rolled out such as with the planning team.

So far we have received more compliments than last year, but we’re clear that there is still more work to do. We know that we don’t always meet your expectations, but we’re determined to get the basics right and provide you with a better customer experience. Ongoing projects are looking at making sure the council is more consistent with call response times, and resolve more queries at the first point of contact.

We value all customer feedback. Let us know your comments, compliments, and complaints about services so we can continue to make improvements.

Read the full customer promise.