One Voice statement on the W & X Serious Case Review

Brighton & Hove communities welcome publication of Serious Case Review

Brighton & Hove’s One Voice Partnership welcomes the publication of the Serious Case Review of statutory services’ response to young people who travelled to Syria and sadly died in the conflict.

One Voice is a partnership of Brighton & Hove faith and community groups, the Council and Sussex Police to tackle all forms of racism, intolerance, and extremism.

Rev Peter Wells, One Voice Member and Lead Chaplain, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust said

“We greatly regret the loss of young lives from our city and offer our condolences to their families. We are deeply saddened that any people, of any age, can feel so isolated or alienated that they feel they can only turn to extremism and violence.

"Much has already been achieved, but we will study the report carefully and are resolved to work together, alongside our statutory partners to address the issues raised and do all that we can to safeguard all of our children and vulnerable members of our society from being drawn into any type of extremist or terrorist related activities, be that far-right extremism or Al-Qaida and Daesh affiliated or inspired activities.”

Tariq Jung, One Voice Member and Chair of the Brighton & Hove Muslim Forum said:

“We do not tolerate violence against innocent people, wherever it takes place. 

"National and international events affect us all.  We continue to provide positive ways to channel the desire to make a difference in constructive ways within British society and prevent some of our vulnerable young people from joining in conflict or far-right groups.  

"Our communities have been working with the council on the Prevent strategy since 2009 and we will continue to support this work in the city.

"We recognise that issues such as domestic violence and child abuse are prevalent in our society and across all communities.  We all need to work harder to recognise their impact and encourage reporting of any concerns.  We recognise that safeguarding is a whole community effort”.

Fiona Sharpe, One Voice Member from the Sussex Jewish Representative Council, said:

“All the residents of our city must feel included and be valued equally for their diverse contributions to the life of our city.  We will continue to work in partnership with the council, police and other agencies to ensure that racist and religiously motivated incidents and all hate crimes are reported, and all victims and witnesses are supported effectively.

"We will continue to support and stand for human rights and are committed to ensure that all residents in our city are treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, religion, gender, disability or sexual identity.  We will work to protect those rights of all our residents equally.  

"We appreciate that there is always more that can be done to help and support each other and in Brighton and Hove we can always do more. Our faiths and diversity are precious to us and we want to build on this for a future which is safer and healthier for all of us.”