Nearly 90% of city parents offered preferred primary school

Nearly 90% of pupils in Brighton & Hove applying for primary school places for September 2017 have been offered their first preference school.

This year’s figure of 89.98% first preferences (2,382 pupils) is up by more than two percentage points from last year’s figure of 87.9% (2,470 pupils).

The year on year comparison is:

  2017 2016
First preferences allocated 2,382 pupils or 89.98% 2,470 pupils or 87.9%
Second preferences allocated 177 pupils or 6.6% 197 pupils or 7%
Third preferences allocated 43 pupils or 1.6% 67 pupils or 2.4%
Direction (= no preference met) 45 (1.7%) pupils 75 (2.4%) pupils


The total number of applications this year was 2,647, compared to 2,809 last year.

More than 98% of parents were offered one of their preferred schools. In line with the council’s published arrangements, those who were not offered a place at one of their preferred schools were offered places at the nearest school to their home address that had places available.